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Hi, I’m Rupesh!

I’m the founder, writer and editor of TalkPlant.

I don’t make any money from writing here, but I do spend countless hours working on my pieces, so I must enjoy it, right? Well, yes!

I created TalkPlant because I love science and writing these blogs. But I equally enjoy making science accessible and engaging with my audience — yes, you, my dear reader!

I’m a full-time policymaker at UK Research and Innovation. My background is in biochemistry, cell biology and plant science. Despite spending 12 years in academia, in my current job, I don’t use any of the science that I learnt during my time as a scientist.

Writing blogs here also helps me stay up-to-date in the latest developments in the world of science and technology. I also frequently write about my experiences in academia, sharing what I learnt with the aim that early-career researchers, especially PhD students, can learn from my experiences.

Thank you for reading my blogs. Your support is what keeps this blog alive. I hope that you keep on reading so that I can continue to bring new contents to you.

If you like my writing or have any suggestions, feel free to send any feedback to TalkPlant@outlook.com, and I’ll try to respond. For other queries or media contact, please email me at TalkPlant@outlook.com

Rupesh Paudyal

Declaration: I am employed by UK Research and Innovation. I write these blogs in a personal capacity. Opinions expressed here are my own and not my employer’s or anyone else unless it’s directly quoted by someone else.

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